In Canada and the United States, governments have adopted a proprietary rating system known as Energy Star. It is therefore always wise to choose a furnace that displays an Energy Start sticker as well as an independent rating.
There are two benefits to Energy Star furnaces. First, these models are considered to be the most efficient on the market. Secondly, this efficiency has been achieved without sacrificing power and heating capabilities.

Choosing a Furnace in Edmonton that Employs Condensing Technology

While the science behind condensing systems can be quite complex, the fact of the matter is that this revolutionary approach to heating has made a dramatic difference in terms of heating efficiency. The basic principle behind condensing technology is the ability of a furnace to extract additional water vapor from combustible gases. This allows the furnace to be much more efficient in terms of heating costs.

It has been shown that up to 11 percent of the total energy within a heating system is contained within this vapor. Older units were unable to address this issue and therefore, a good deal of energy was wasted. Heating bills were also understandably higher.

What is Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency

Otherwise known as AFUE, this is an important concept within the heating industry. The Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency represents the ratio between the heat produced by a furnace and the total amount of fossil fuels that the unit consumed within a given year.

Higher numbers such as those above 90 percent indicate a furnace that is quite efficient. Any unit below 80 percent should normally be replaced. Please keep in mind that the AFUE ratio does not address issues such as any heat loss as a result of poor insulation or ductwork. Many furnace replacement companies in areas like Edmonton can explain this concept in greater detail.

These are some of the basic concepts to take into account when considering a furnace replacement for an Edmonton home. Modern technology coupled with innovative heating systems enables consumers to have more options than ever before. It is still a good idea to speak with a furnace specialist during the selection process.