Keeping warm during the winter months in the most practical way is what many Canadian homeowners want – and the core of almost every home’s heating system strategy is its furnace. Having a fully-functioning furnace ensures that a house is well-heated when cold weather comes.

Edmonton heating specialists would be able to help make sure that a home is properly heated. Experienced HVAC technicians from companies like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. would be able to advise homeowners on what furnaces to buy for their house and how to keep their units in good condition.

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An excellent example of the sort of advice they can give is on the size of a furnace. The ATCO Energy Sense website has an informative article on furnaces that talks about why it is important to have a furnace in the right size:

“It’s important to buy a furnace that is the right size for your home. An oversized furnace will not operate at or near peak efficiency and an undersized furnace will not heat your home properly.
A heating contractor can help you choose an appropriately sized furnace. This professional will do a “heat-loss analysis” of your home and take into account things such as the size and age of your house, the number of windows it has, and the type and amount of insulation used.”

Energy Source

Of course, the best furnaces to buy are high-efficiency ones. Most furnaces on the market have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 90 percent or higher, but to be truly considered highly efficient a rating of 94 percent is needed.

Another thing to consider is the fuel the furnace utilizes, wherein natural gas furnaces are a popular option, as well as oil-based ones. The fact that Edmonton is considered the “Oil Capital of Canada” makes it easy to acquire the fuel necessary to power furnaces.

Furnace Fan

Finally, there is the furnace fan. Note that a continuously running fan ensures that warmth is constant, but it can be a major consumer of electricity. Opt for a furnace with an energy-saving, brushless DC motor, which uses up to 70 percent less electricity.

Knowing the requirements and tips enumerated above can help in properly heating Spruce Grove and Edmonton homes by leading homeowners to the right furnace. Needless to say, homeowners should consult HVAC professionals to get the most out of any furnace that they buy.