Cooking and enjoying a hearty meal at home makes sure that there are more dishes to clean up. But, the last thing you want, when washing the dishes, is for a drain clog. There are quick ways that help you streamline your routine of dishwashing to prevent drain clogging incidents.

Here are some of the best tips to wash dishes without clogging your drain:

Soak the Dirty Dishes:

Once you are done loading the dishwasher, soak your hand wash items one at a time or marinate them by filling the sink a little. Following this method is much better than spending time and gallons of water by washing them under the running faucet.

A simple way to do it is by lathering all your dishes at one go, then plugging the sink, and running hot water over them. Turn the faucet on only when you are ready to rinse all of them. Just make sure you soap and rinse the dishes well at the end. This avoids clogging your drain, plus helps to save water.

Beware of Oil, Fat & Grease:

You should never put down oils, fats, and grease in the drain or garbage disposal as they can cause drain clogging. This includes gravy, pan drippings, lard, bacon grease, salad dressing, and more such substances that may go down quite quickly in the drain but they turn into solid fats that coat the pipes as they travel. Over time, this would cause a drain blockage.

Rather than running water over your cookware to wash grease and oil away, it is advisable to wipe it away with a paper towel or an old cloth, and dispose of it. In the case of cooking oil, allow it to cool down, recycle it or pour it in a trash plastic bag to avoid drain clogging.

Food Accumulation:

Many times, large food pieces such as vegetable peels and more get trapped in the curved pipe under the sink causing a drain clog. Accumulation of food particles restricts an easy flow in the pipe that can cause a backup of wastewater, and gives you a hefty repair expense. Adding a strainer to the sink drain is advisable.

With careful maintenance of the sink and following various tips, drain clogging can be prevented. And if it’s a problem that you cannot fix yourself, getting the help of a professional expert is a must, be it for assistance or maintenance. Capital Plumbing offers several plumbing services to fix and replace your drain pipes and system efficiently and effectively.