Even at the onset of summer, the weather in the city of Edmonton is still relatively crisp compared to other Canadian cities. Areas near the prairies, such as the Alberta province, are generally under sweltering heat during summer, but the capital’s residents experience temperatures of up to 23 degrees Celsius.

Given the cold to moderate weather throughout the year, every home should be equipped with a functional heating device, like a water heater in Edmonton, for a relaxing warm bath. The most common water heater type in Canada is the storage water tank with a durable and stable structure that provides running hot water as needed.

Storage water tanks are fueled by electricity, natural gas, or oil, heating the water that flows into their metal structures. Hot water is then delivered to the house when the tap mechanism is turned on. Moreover, water tanks have a built-in defense against corrosion in the form of a sacrificial anode. Built from magnesium or aluminum alloys, the anode’s decomposition will depend on the existence of mineral content in the water and the quality of the chemical coating inside the tank.


According to the OEE Energy End-Use Data Handbook, Canadians spend 63% of their energy consumption on space heating and 17% on water heating at home. This comprises around 15% to 25% of monthly energy bills in an average household and may even increase with energy efficiency upgrades to indoor spaces. The energy efficiency or energy factor (EF) is the rating tool used to measure natural gas or oil-fueled water heaters like hot water tanks.

Modern Edmonton hot water tanks have more convenient features than previous models, such as built-in heat traps for standby losses, efficient heat transfer capabilities from the tank to the water, and added tank insulation. That being said, these heating devices are not totally impervious to damage and wear and tear.

For quality hot water tank installation and maintenance, count on a company like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. whose experienced technicians are ready to provide 24/7 emergency repair services in case your tank malfunctions or causes problems at odd hours.