It is very important to appreciate that when Edmonton hot water tanks make certain strange sounds, a repair or replacement could very well soon be in order.

Edmonton is known for its fair share of rather harsh winters that are associated with temperatures as low as -15ºC in the evening. Many properties contain hot water tanks and from time to time, these units will inevitably need to be repaired or possibly replaced. What are some of the odd sounds that can signify trouble ahead?

Popping, Crackling, or Hissing

Popping, rattling, or crackling noises are some of the most common indicators that there could be a problem. Most experts agree that these sounds indicate that mineral deposits (also called scale) have built up on the bottom interior of the hot water tank.

The main reason that hard water presents a problem is that minerals can accumulate on the surface of the electrodes over time. The “popping” is a result of the heating electrodes failing to function properly.
While hissing may not seem to be related to a popping or cracking sound, it is actually caused by the very same hard water deposits.

The only difference is that hissing tends to occur within electrical units as opposed to gas-fired water heaters. In either of these cases, it is important to contact a trained professional so that he or she can clean any of the scale that has built up within the tank. Additionally, it is prudent to determine the extent of hard water within a home.

A Bang or a Boom
Another signal that a water heater in Edmonton requires servicing is if a bang or a boom is heard when it is first turned on. There can actually be multiple causes for these noises. For example, thermal expansion may cause certain parts to suddenly move as the temperature of the water increases. A valve could also be clogged with mineral deposits and prevent the normal release of water into other areas of the tank.

This could actually be a serious situation, for such pressures within a system can further damage the unit and even lead to an explosion. An expansion tank could be required in this case or, interior surfaces may need to be thoroughly cleaned by an expert plumber such as the ones you’ll find at Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.