A water heater plays a significant role in the daily routine of every residence. It is the only source that provides you heated water for bathing, washing utensils, etc., which is extremely important when the winter powerfully sets in. Although the system may be placed in a utility basement, away from sight, undertaking regular and preventive water heater care is crucial to avoid it becoming a safety hazard. Here some tips to follow for your water heater maintenance and safety.

Set the Right Temperature

Setting the right temperature for your usage is essential to not face any discomfort while using the heater. You can consider setting the temperature of your water heater not above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for your safety and comfort. If you set it at the right temperature, it will kill germs and prevent your family from scalds. Putting it at the right temperature will not only save you and the household members from burns but also save power, keeping you away from excessive energy bills.

Check the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P relief valve), also known as emergency safety valves, prevents or relieves overheated water and pressure. Without this valve, the pressure in the tank can rise and lead to an explosion. It is best to check at least once a year if the valves are working. You can check this by releasing the pressure a couple of times. This is beneficial for your safety and for the water heater maintenance.

Inspect the Vents

No proper ventilation system can be an extreme health hazard. The cylinder should be kept in a well-ventilated area. If the vents are blocked or clogged for any reason, it can cause the fumes and carbon monoxide to enter the residence. Inhalation of such fumes and gases can severely harm human health. Carbon monoxide poisoning can even be fatal. Hence, regularly inspecting these vents is crucial.

Install Gas Leak Detectors

A gas leak is a daunting problem in gas-powered water heaters. Even though the gas leak may have a strong smell, if you fail to treat the leak at the earliest, it can lead to an accident in the reisdence. Installing gas leak detectors can be a safety measure to ensure you address any leak at the earliest possible. Also, ensure that the gas pipe is of high quality and should have the necessary safety certification.

Ensure the Heater has Proper Earthing

Water and electricity are not the right combination and can lead to situations that can be fatal. When you make use of electrical heaters, you need to ensure the system has proper earthing. Improper earthing can lead to severe electrical shock. Electrical water heaters are designed well to combine water and electricity. To ensure this combination of both stays intact, you need to ensure that the electric geyser or rod is earthed correctly.

Undertake Regular Maintenance

A water heater’s life can last from 10 to 20 years, provided you undertake regular maintenance. Most problems occur within the system; through water heater maintenance, you can rectify even the slightest issue at the earliest. If you are in Edmonton, Capital Plumbing and Heating has got you covered for this. Our team of technical experts ensures every work is undertaken promptly, matching high-quality standards. If you need professional assistance, contact us today!