All human waste flows down to the septic tank, and even a minor issue in a tank turns your entire plumbing system upside down. Plumbing systems are often interconnected, like a septic tank is connected with a sewer line. So when the septic line faces issues, the sewer line will be affected. This will cause slow drainage from basins, sinks and bathtubs, and awful odor around drain fields and septic tanks, which can further cause many health issues. Here are some of the causes that lead to septic tank failures:

Clogged Pipes

When you flush down things that you are not supposed to – like toys, toilet paper, condoms, tampons, wet wipes, hair, food – it can clog the pipe between the tank and your house. This can cause slow drainage or no drainage, greener grass growth around septic tanks, and other plumbing issues. This can further affect your entire house, causing property and financial damage. To prevent such issues, call the professional plumbers immediately as they have advanced tools to fix the issues and safety measures to prevent accidents.

Poor Maintenance

Septic tanks collect human waste and separate solid waste from liquid wastes. In this process, the separated heavy contaminants settle at the bottom of the tank as sludge. If the tank is not pumped periodically, this sludge will keep building up and take most of the space; such poor maintenance can further intensify problems. Therefore, it is essential to pump your tank periodically.

Improper Installation

The kind of soil you place your septic tank in plays a crucial role, because the soil is responsible for absorbing, treating and disposing waste water safely. If the tank is installed in wet soil and at an inappropriate depth, then it can create issues. Therefore, call the professional who will examine all the factors and install them correctly.

Excess Water and Waste Pressure

Some of the most important aspects you must pay attention to are the flow rate of water, size of the tank, soil requirements, and number of water-using devices in the house – this will determine the design of the tank. If these aspects are overlooked, and the flow rate surpasses the tank, or the size of the tank is too small compared to the number of people, then the water and waste will be excessive for the tank to handle. This can further cause damage.

Issues in the plumbing system have the potential to change the shape of your house. Therefore, it is important to keep the foundation of your house healthy. For that, call the experts of Capital Plumbing – they are highly efficient, extremely competent, and known for their quality service.