If you are looking for ways to upgrade your toilet system, you might be thinking all you can do is get a new flush or a whiter toilet pot. But you would be wrong. You can even upgrade your regular toilet to a smart toilet. Here’s everything you need to know about smart toilets in Edmonton.

About Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are technologically advanced toilets that come with various comfort features and sensors that offer a lot more than just the essential flushing functions. In fact, some of the high-end smart toilets can even be synced to your voice assistant device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Smart toilets are the most comfortable, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use types of toilets.

Smart Toilet Benefits

All these high-tech features make smart toilets quite comfortable to use and enhance your bathroom experience. They use far less water than regular toilets, for starters, which will definitely save you a lot of money on water bills over the years. Plus, they are the eco-friendlier option when it comes to toilets.

They even come with self-closing lids and nightlights—features that are ideal for seniors, kids, and people with disabilities. Additionally, they are more compact than traditional toilets, making them a great choice if your bathroom space is compact.

Smart Toilet Features

Improving comfort and usability is possible due to the variety of features smart toilets come with. Here are some of the most popular smart toilet features (that you should look for in your smart toilet).

Touchless Flushing

Do you often forget to flush after using the toilet in the middle of the night? With a smart toilet, you won’t have to worry about this issue. Smart toilets come with sensors that flush the toilet automatically as soon as you step away from it. This is not only hygienic but also quite convenient!

Automatic Lid

Smart toilets come with automatic lit that lower and raise when they sense your presence. This means you no longer have to worry about lowering the lid after you are done. And it also prevents your toilet from stinking up at night.

Seat Warmers

Winters in Edmonton can get quite cold, and during these months, the porcelain toilets can be really uncomfortable to use. On the other hand, smart toilets come with seat warmers that warm the seat to your preference, making the bathroom experience comfortable even during the coldest nights.

Self-Cleaning Features

Smart toilets also come with various self-cleaning features like robotic cleaning arms, UV lights, and deodorizers that keep the toilet clean and fresh at all times. 


One of the most underrated smart toilets features is that they come with nightlights, which automatically light up when you enter your bathroom. Now, you will no longer bump into your sink while trying to use the toilet at night!

Depending on the model you choose, you can also get other features like spray adjustment, overflow protection, remote control, and much more.

But you might be wondering, what’s the use of all these features on a toilet. On average, you spend around 73 hours per year on your toilet, which is a lot! A smart toilet is an easy way to make these 73 hours of the year more comfortable. Contact Capital Plumbing to find the best smart toilet for your home now.