Many homeowners often take reactive rather than proactive approaches when it comes to HVAC maintenance. They only start looking for Expert plumbers when their plumbing issues flare up. To prevent these issues from occurring and recurring, conduct HVAC system maintenance regularly.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

The timing of the maintenance procedure matters. Most Spruce Grove plumbers advise their clients to call for pre-season maintenance services instead of waiting for the seasons to start. Maintaining the system before the season starts will help prevent failures in extreme weather conditions when you need the HVAC unit working at its peak performance.

In this regard, your contractor may advise carrying out the exercise in the fall or spring seasons. If your system operates efficiently when it’s either too hot or too cold, you will not pay much energy bills. You will discuss with your HVAC experts the number of times they should inspect the system.

Inspection of Outdoor Units

To know if you got the best out of your HVAC maintenance exercise, ensure your contractor inspects your heating and air conditioning unit for correct refrigerant levels. In case of problems, they will make the necessary adjustments. Your contractor will also check if the base pan has restricted openings. They will remove all obstructions they find in the way.

Older models may have the effects of wear and tear, and in such cases, the specialist may have to apply lubricants. Experienced contractors usually check for damage on the associated tubing and the compressor. The outdoor unit’s maintenance exercise may also include inspecting the connections, wirings, and control box.

Indoor Units

To get the most out of your HVAC maintenance specialists, you should ensure that they have inspected and cleaned the blower assembly. It includes the motor, blower wheel, and blower housing. The housings of the combustion blowers need inspections for debris and lint as well.

Gas leaks are dangerous, so the plumber should look out for these in the furnace. It is the duty of the professionals to ensure that all safety controls and ignition systems are working appropriately. If not, they will clean and adjust them.

HVAC Systems

Sensitive parts of the HVAC maintenance may need extra care. They include thermostats, fans, and electrical connections. Your plumber will advise you on the best practices to help maintain your systems. These include ensuring attics have adequate ventilation and not using air conditioners unnecessarily. You should also avoid running bath and kitchen exhaust fans unless it is necessary.