A modern air conditioning unit that is fully functional is relatively quiet. If not completely silent, the sounds you hear from your device are simply normal. So, when you hear unusual noises from your AC, it is best to ask an Edmonton air conditioning expert to check the gadget.

In most cases, the noises are the first signs that your air conditioning system is faulty, making it necessary to act fast, lest you deal with serious and costly problems later on. What are some of these awkward noises, and what do they signify?

Screeching or Squealing

These noises mainly emanate from the unit’s blower motor. They result from motor bearing issues or defective belts. Air conditioning specialists will advise you to get a belt replacement if diagnostic tests indicate that it is the cause of the sounds. Again, acting quickly will save you a lot of inconvenience because a belt that breaks down may render your entire device useless.

Most modern ACs feature oil ports that facilitate the addition of lubricants while others come sealed. If the noises are due to motor bearing problems, air conditioning specialists will inspect your unit and lubricate it. They will also advise on lubricating it in the future and help you pick the best lubricants for the job.


In most cases, this sound results from an escape of refrigerant from a section of your AC. Note that low levels of refrigerant will cause your device to perform dismally, meaning that you may not get the desired cool temperatures in your home. Also, the compressor may overheat and probably burn out. You may not like such a consequence due to the costs involved in remedying the situation, in addition to, the hours or days you may have to live in a home without a functional AC.

Clanks and Bangs

Edmonton air conditioners could also experience significant component failures such as broken pistons and piston pins, connecting rods, internal mounts, or crankshafts, leading to such sounds. The noises could also mean that some internal parts are loose.

In such instances, it is best to shut off your unit and contact a technician such as those from Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. An inspection by the specialist will follow, after which repairs will commence. Tightening of the loose components or the replacement of others may be done to restore the air conditioner to its pristine state.