Regularly changing your filter is a crucial part of your machines’ care, whether your air conditioner or furnace heater. Doing so will ensure that they work smoothly and correctly, extending their lifespan in the process. However, you may be wondering how often you should change your filter to avoid an expensive furnace replacement and the exact method of swapping one out. 

The good news is that changing out your filter is easy to learn and remember. Frequently swapping it out will make sure that you feel comfortable in your home and ensures your furnace operates without a problem, preventing an inconvenient breakdown in the dead of winter. Here’s what you need to know about when to change your furnace filter:

Inspect Your Furnace Filter Every Month

Although you aren’t expected to replace your furnace filter every month, it’s always a good idea to inspect it as regularly as every 30 days. It allows you the opportunity to survey the filter and check whether it’s too clogged for it to function correctly and provide adequate airflow. If you observe a good deal of dust and debris and the filter has turned grey, it’s high time to change it. 

While you have the option to change out inexpensive, single-use filters, you can also opt for a washable permanent furnace heater filter. These are often higher quality and longer-lasting, helping you minimize your waste while enjoying a sturdier filter.

Change Your Filter Every 90 Days

Your air filter prevents dust, dirt, debris, and hair from entering your furnace’s delicate parts, which can easily cause it to break down or malfunction. However, when the filter fills up with these particles, it will cause insufficient airflow to your furnace. As a result, the furnace heat exchanger will overheat and break down, which can be incredibly inconvenient to experience during frigid temperatures. Furnace replacements can also be expensive, so taking care of your furnace by swapping its filter will often extend its life. A good rule of thumb is to replace it every 90 days, although this highly depends on the conditions in which your furnace operates.

The Conditions That Affect How Soon You Should Change Your Filter

Your home’s physical conditions, along with the health needs of your family, can impact how often you’ll need to replace your furnace heater filter. If anyone in your household has respiratory difficulties, you’ll need to make sure your indoor air is free of allergens and other inflammatory particles. That means changing your furnace filter as soon as it’s coated with dust.

Pet dander can also clog your filter quickly. If you have furry companions who shed a lot of fur and fluff, you may have to make extra trips to your furnace and inspect the filter to make sure it’s clear of dander.

Using your heating and cooling system frequently, like during hot summer days and freezing winter months, can also require you to swap your filter more regularly. If your filter becomes wet, you’ll also have to change it right away.

How to Change or Clean Your Furnace Filter

You can change or clean your furnace in a few easy steps. First, turn your furnace off. Then, remove the current filter from the return air vent. If you use a disposable filter, throw the old one away and replace it with a brand new one. If you use a permanent filter, vacuum the dust and wipe off any remaining dirt with a moist cloth. Dry it before putting it back into the furnace, and you’re done!


Routinely changing your filter is crucial for enjoying high-quality indoor air. It keeps the allergens out of your home while protecting your furnace from particles that can compromise its efficiency. By inspecting your filter regularly, you’ll know when it’s due for a fresh one.

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