HVAC is the components of your home that either keep you warm in the winter or cool in the summer, so it is vital that they are working to their full potential when you need them. Essentially, HVAC systems are purely there to ensure that your environment is at the most comfortable temperature and that the air is clean.

Problems a Failed Furnace Can Cause

A failed furnace can be more than just an annoyance. It also isn’t known for being cheap, but choosing to have a replacement carried out by a trusted Edmonton furnace service will not only save you money on your heating bills; it will also ensure that you stay toasty all winter long.

The 4 Main Signs That A Furnace Needs Replacing

There are a series of questions that you may need to ask yourself to discover whether your furnace is doing what it should be or whether it is time to research furnace installation in Edmonton;

How long have you had your boiler? If it is between 10 and 15 years old, then it is most likely time to consider a new one. You can easily spot signs that your boiler has dramatically aged—rust surrounding knots and bolts and stains on the boiler’s body, itself.

Do you seem to constantly be paying out for repairs? Periodically paying out your hard-earned dollars will eventually cost you more than a total boiler replacement. By replacing your boiler now, you can save several thousand dollars, as the next repair will be postponed to several years from now.

Have you noticed any strange noises coming from your furnace? Popping, gurgling, rattling, and knocking noises mean that your boiler is definitely not well. At this point calling a professional is vital and a new, shiny boiler is most likely imminent.

Have you and your family been feeling sick when you are in your home? Stop what you are doing, switch off your furnace, open all windows and doors, and call in a professional. This could be due to carbon monoxide which is a deadly gas and is a large warning sign that your boiler needs replacing.

In Edmonton, local residents know they can trust established HVAC repair and replacement companies such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. with their furnace service needs.