Your kitchen will be a chaotic mess if you don’t have a properly working kitchen faucet. The kitchen faucet is one of the most used and essential fixtures in your kitchen because it helps with all your cleaning, washing, and cooking needs. Because of that, kitchen faucets are prone to wear and tear. They may experience natural and inevitable damage because of daily, heavy use.

Unfortunately, kitchen faucets’ repair will not always work. Even if you can have it fixed, you’ll still experience recurring problems over time. Perhaps you should consider changing it rather than spending your money on a cycled repair. Here are the signs that you need to look out for so that you can know when the best time is to replace your faucet:

1. If You Can See Visible Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits usually look like an old toothpaste buildup. It is frequently found around the base of the faucet and inside the spigot. When you notice your faucet with this kind of component, your faucet will most likely perform less because the inner workings of the faucet, like the gasket, fillers, and flanges, have already been affected. You can prevent the buildup of the mineral deposits by having a water softener installed. However, if the mineral deposits become visible, you need to consider replacing your faucet immediately.

2. If Your Faucet Is Considered Old

Just like any other appliance or fixture, faucets also need replacement if it’s already too old. The lifespan of faucets depends on the make and model, but if you don’t have the time to look for your faucet’s manufacturing date, over 15 years old is already a good timeframe to consider a replacement.

3. If Your Faucet Has Rust

You can determine if your faucet has internal rusts and corrosion if the handle of your faucet sticks and cracks when you try to move it, or if it takes a few seconds for the water to come out when you turn it on. If this is the case, there’s nothing much you can do about it aside from replacing it.

4. If Your Faucet Keeps Leaking Despite the Constant Fixing

Sometimes, a leaky faucet has an easy fix. You just need to replace the cartridge inside the handle assembly. However, if your faucet is still leaking after doing this kind of repair once or twice, you need to consider replacing the entire faucet instead of wasting your money buying a cartridge that is just a temporary fix. If you don’t replace your leaking faucet right away, it could only lead to mould growth. 


Having a damaged faucet in your kitchen is such an inconvenience. It can throw everything else in your home disorganized and cluttered because dishes may pile up and hands will go dirty. As much as possible, once you have noticed one of these signs, you should call for a professional to replace your faucet right away. By addressing the signs sooner, you can avoid any possible damage and inconveniences from happening. 

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