Many relocating families or businessmen opt to hire surveyors or tradesmen to conduct a thorough inspection of their new property. They have foundations checked for subsidence and have the roof timbers, floor joists, and boards checked for woodworm or dry rot. The roof is also checked for broken roofing tiles and the brickwork for damp or crumbling mortar.

How often do you contact one of the plumbing companies in Edmonton to check the plumbing and drainage systems? Even if these are arguably the most used systems of a residential or commercial building, you still tend to neglect them because they are not conspicuous. You only become so concerned about them when the water tank is already acting up, a weeping joint is cracking open, or the drain is getting clogged.

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Keep in mind that the older the property, the older the plumbing and drainage systems in it are. The systems which were initially installed in the property aren’t designed to accommodate the extra use today. Most of the established, professional plumbing companies in Edmonton also carry out drain cleaning in Edmonton.

While you may well think a cursory examination of the exposed plumbing, turning the taps on and off, and flushing the WC may tell you all is well in the house, it won’t. Poorly maintained drains have a nasty habit of blocking, the day after the extended family arrives to enjoy a short vacation. To make sure your plumbing is working optimally at all times, have it checked regularly.

Moving into a new property is stressful enough. The house has to be turned into a home. Boxes have to be unpacked, rooms decorated, and furniture arranged. You will also have to arrange the transfer of your children to a new school and figure out how to get them there and back organized, along with figuring out how you will commute to and from work. The last thing you need is an unexpected plumbing failure or drain blockage in your new house.

Contact a plumbing company that specializes in plumbing and drain cleaning in Edmonton, such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.. Arrange to have your plumbing and heating checked, and your furnace serviced as soon as you move in. At the same time, ask to have your drain power flushed, because prevention is better than cure.

Unless little Johnny has flushed his favorite tee-shirt down the loo, drain blockages begin slowly, from accumulated waste clinging to cooking and other fats. Arrange to have your drains flushed to ensure another trouble-free twelve months at the top – and bottom – of your home.