Need to go to work but your shower won’t shower you or rather splashes you with enough water to wipe your face. A lot of people face this problem. Some people get annoyed by the water flow in their flush. Yeah, that can be a nasty business.

Water flow in your home passes through a lot of pipework and water conditioning systems. A slight shortage in a part of the water connection can cause hindrances to your everyday life.

Issues with the Water Heating System

The water heating system at your home is directly connected to the main water supply that also supports your faucets. Sometimes, a defect in the water heating system may disrupt the flow of water from faucets. Sometimes, you may encounter low water pressure in the hot water faucet if you have separate faucets for both hot and cold water.

Leakage in the water heating system can cause low water pressure in the faucet connected to the heater. Check if the water shut-off valve in the heater is open and the pipeline from the heater is not being disrupted by anything. If your heater is making sounds, call a 24/7 plumbing service provider in Edmonton to safely handle the issues with your water heater.

Blockages in Aerator Screens

The aerator screens in the faucets, which prevents minerals and other particles from passing through, may also become a reason for the low water pressure. Aerator screens may get clogged with regular minerals and sediments.

This generally occurs due to a lack of a water-softening system. This not only reduces the water pressure but also tampers with the quality of water. You can unscrew the aerator screen in a faucet and clean it using bleach or vinegar to remove the particle accumulation.

Issues with your Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)

If you are experiencing a drop in water pressure all over your house, then there is a high possibility that the problem is with your pressure-reducing valve. There are a set of valves all through your plumbing system that will need a double check.

Once you have made sure that all the valves are opened up properly, you should have a look at your pressure-reducing valve. This valve can be turned towards the left to increase the water pressure and in the opposite direction to reduce it. If the PRV doesn’t affect the water flow through your home, call a 24/7 plumbing service provider and get it checked.

Issue of Leakage in Plumbing

The most annoying and notorious reason for low water pressure is leakages. Water leakages take up some of the pressure and your faucet turns out to fill up vessels slower than it normally does. Leakage in a plumbing system can also damage the surrounding objects. 

Water damage in your house can lead to cracks and fissures in the walls and the flooring may rot with excessive water accumulation. Check the plumbing around your house and make sure there are no broken faucets that lose water. Investigate all the flush tanks in your toilets and make sure your flush tank is holding back water when not needed.

Proper equipment and services for your plumbing are necessary to prevent water damage to your home and appliances. If you cannot find the leak, then call Capital Plumbing and Heating for 24/7 plumbing services and the professionals will help you find the leakages in your home and solve the water pressure problems.