Your HVAC device is the breathing system of your home, and for that reason, you must ensure that it is functioning properly to avoid choking it. When you have an air conditioning unit installed, its duct network is one of the areas that must be operating optimally if the air circulation in your home is to go smoothly.

Most homeowners will just concentrate on buying gadgets to augment any AC problems and not find out if the ducts at home are working efficiently. These miscalculations can lead to inflated power bills due to the inadequacy of the systems. Unless your system is a ductless one, then you should dedicate enough resources to getting the installation right, and an air conditioning professional can highlight the faults present and offer the necessary solutions.

Why You Need Them

The cooling cycle needs to process air from two sources for proper conditioning. A building must provide the supply and return air, meaning corresponding ducts for each source, while some homes also require exhaust tubes, particularly the multi-storied ones. The supply ducts let air come in from the outside through the ventilation while the return air goes through the filter and into the plenum where it mixes with the incoming flow.

Maintaining these two separate duct systems allows the circulation of air in your home to be completed, meaning no accumulation of contaminants that pose health risks. An Edmonton air conditioning company can ensure that the appropriate return and supply pipes are working right before you become frustrated over problems brought about by your AC not meeting its cooling loads.

Importance of Proper Seals

The problem of leaky ducts can compromise the effectiveness of your air conditioning in a big way. If the initial ductwork did not include proper sealing, it will start to show later. When ducts are leaking, it means that the AC is cooling air that then seeps out; hence, causing the appliance to use up more power than it should.

Additionally, leaking air into the environment can cause health issues, particularly for occupants with weak immune systems and respiratory challenges. Leaks will also result in negative or positive pressure in your home due to the escaped conditioned air.

Ducts have to be correctly sized if they are to perform their functions without interference. If your AC is acting up, it may be due to poorly sized ducts or other defects, which an air conditioning Edmonton expert can highlight and correct.