Furnaces are permanent installations meant to heat your entire home, especially during the winter season. Every home has to have one working, and inspectors often check if it runs smoothly. But old houses sometimes don’t have furnaces that are working in the best way possible. 

If your furnace still works, there’s not much to complain about. However, once it starts leaking, you’re going to need to have it fixed right away to avoid any further complications. Here are some of the common reasons why your furnace needs repair.

1. Condensation

Condensation is the most probable cause of a leaking furnace. Your condensation drain or tubing may have been clogged. It is also possible that there is a crack in your condensation line. 

Most homes possess high-efficiency furnaces where condensation happens because of the exchange of heat. Typically, this water would drain out in a pipe away from the furnace. When you find a puddle around your furnace, there may be a leak or clog in the pipes.

The metal exhaust vent pipe carries away the gases produced during the combustion process. If it’s the vent pipe that has a leak, gasses can get trapped and cool down eventually to form condensation, thus leaking out of your furnace.

2. The Humidifier Is Leaking

Adding a humidifier is common among homeowners who want an added layer of comfort in their home during winter. But because humidifiers have water in them constantly flowing, it may give the impression that your furnace is leaking. Usually, an expert technician will be able to point out the differences. 

3. The Air Conditioner Is Leaking

Your furnace may not be leaking if the problem is a lot closer to the air conditioner than it is there. On those days where you use your AC one day and turn on your heater the next day, air conditioners absorb moisture in your home. Just like the furnace, it comes with its own set of drainage pipes. A clog or leak from the AC may make it as though your furnace is burning. A professional will know for sure.

What to Do When the Furnace Is Leaking

When you find a leak, turn it off immediately. Set the thermostat to “Off” mode and see the valve in the gas line connected to your furnace and twist it shut. That’s when you bring in the experts to fix the situation. This kind of leak is complex and too dangerous for any amateur to resolve on their own. With professional services, you can have your furnace running in no time and will most likely never have that same problem again.


Finding the leak in your furnace and setting aside a budget to fix it right away is the best thing you can do in this situation. Letting the leak exist for any longer can do some severe damage in your home, especially during rainy seasons. Always call a professional to get the job done so you’ll less likely face another leakage in the near future.

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