The only kind of sound that you must hear from your perfectly working water heater is the low sound of water entering and leaving it. If you hear any other type of knocking or popping sound from the heater, it may be a serious concern, and you will have to call your water heater repair person. The expert will identify the issue and suggest the right solutions.

But as a homeowner, you must also familiarise yourself with various sounds that your heater may make and the reason behind those sounds rather than entirely relying on the water heater repair professional. We have listed down a few potential causes of strange sounds from the mechanism.

Sediment and Mineral Accumulation

The major cause of different types of sounds coming from your hot water tank is the accumulation of sediments and minerals on different parts of the heater. Sediments can be any tiny debris particles that can flow inside your heater with water and get deposited there. Mineral deposits can occur when you receive hard water from the main source.

When loose sediments and scaly build-ups float inside your heater, you will hear a popping sound whenever it’s heating water. If you can hear a rumbling sound, there’s a good chance that the sediment build-up has reached a critical level.

You will hear this sound mostly during summer as the water expands during hot days and tries to make its way through sediments. When the sediment build-up has buried the lower heating element, you will hear hissing or crackling sound when the heater is on.

Leakage in the System

Other reasons for hearing a hissing sound from your heater are when it is leaking or experiencing condensation. If you have a gas water heater and you notice a sizzling sound when the burner is ON, there is a chance that you have an issue with condensation. When condensation forms, it can drip onto the burner components. But if you experience the sound when the heater is not functioning, it may be because of a leak inside your heater.

Loose Heating Element

If you have an electric water heater, you are more likely to face this issue. When cold water enters the hot water tank, the upper heating element can vibrate and produce a humming or vibrating sound. Although annoying, this noise is generally not harmful to either the heating element or the water heater. You can simply tighten the heating element to get rid of this irritating humming.

Restricted water flow inside the heater, water pressure fluctuations, old water heater, and failing water heater components can be some other causes of your water heater making weird sounds. The best way to find the right cause and the best solution for it is to call your water heater repair professional. They will suggest what needs to be repaired or replaced so that you get a continuous supply of hot water.