When your drains get clogged, there are many solutions to fix that problem. You can either use DIY techniques, chemical drain cleaners, or call professionals. If it is a small clog, you can use DIY methods like vinegar and baking soda to break it down. For major clogs, you should always contact Capital Plumbing. We don’t recommend that you use chemical drain cleaners, and here’s why.

It is Toxic

Chemical drain cleaners are not suitable for health, regardless of what their labels may suggest. They contain toxic chemicals like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and sodium hydroxide. They are made to break down major clogs, and in that process, they may emit fumes that can irritate the eyes and nose and cause other side effects. They can even cause severe burns if they get on your skin.

It is Dangerous for Children and Pets

Most chemical drain cleaners are bright-coloured, which your kid might see as a toy or soft drink. Your pet can also start playing with it when you’re not looking. If it gets in your kid or pet’s system, it can cause terrible side effects, which may lead to a rush to the emergency room! 

It is Bad for the Environment

Apart from being bad for your health, chemical drain cleaners are also bad for the environment. They contain chemicals and acids, along with bleach, that emit fumes that can affect those in the vicinity. Additionally, the same chemicals can end up in your septic tank and flow into the groundwater or soil of your landscape. 

It Can Damage the Pipes

These chemical drain cleaners are strong enough to cut through grease, hair, and much more. The downside to this is that they can even eat through the protective layer of the pipes, causing corrosion or breakdown. Chemical drain cleaners are particularly bad for PVC pipes, and can even cause leaks or holes within the pipes.

If you drop some of it on the fixtures, like sink or bathtub, the chemical in them can destroy the enamel-based finish on the fixture’s surface. Unfortunately, this is not easy to fix and often requires a complete replacement of the fixtures.

It’s Not Always Effective

Despite being bad for the environment, your health, and the pipes, they may still not be effective at breaking down the clog. Clogs in the drain are caused by a variety of issues in the drains, including root intrusion or impacted soil. In such cases, chemicals don’t work, and you need to call a professional plumber to fix the clogged drain using the right equipment.

The next time you have a clogged drain, you can use DIY methods to clean the drain. If that doesn’t work, contact us. We will send our skilled plumber to your place to fix the clogged drain safely.