Septic system maintenance is crucial in the winter season. In most cases, the household’s septic tank is placed underground, nearby or within the house. Therefore, any problem in the septic system can be a big issue to deal with. Winter plumbing problems include the issues related to the septic system. However, one can avoid such problems if they follow these tips for septic system maintenance:

Avoid Snow Accumulation

During the winter season, snowfall may be common depending on where you live. Avoid excess accumulation of snow on top of the septic tank as this drains the geothermal heat from the soil. In case you have a heavy build-up of snow, ensure you have it removed from the top of the tank.

Make Sure the Soil Is Aerated

Microorganisms in the soil are helpful as they include anaerobic bacteria that scavenge the sewage. Most microorganisms need air for metabolism. The particles of soil have pores to contain air; however, if the soil is compacted, the pores can no longer hold the air. Therefore, it is important to loosen up the soil more often to prevent your septic tank from getting frozen.

Fix All Leakages

Leakage is a very common problem and it does not work well for the plumbing system. Leakages in septic pipes, faucets or water supply pipes harm the septic system. Excess freshwater supply to the septic tank lowers the temperature of the tank and poses a great risk.

Avoid Excess Waterlogging

Microorganisms help generate heat in your septic tank. Excess waterlogging cannot replenish the bacteria in your septic tank and freeze in the chilly weather, damaging the septic system.

Pump the Septic System Regularly

Pumping out the sewage is important for septic system maintenance to avoid blockages in your house. You could opt for mobile septic tank pumps, as they are most effective in reducing the load of your tank.

Insulate Your Septic System

Insulation of the septic system is important as it protects it from freezing over. You can go for organic insulators like hay, soil, straw and leaves or have your septic system insulated by foam. The insulation works as a protecting sheet and prevents the tanks and pipes from freezing during the winters.

Apart from these septic system maintenance tips, proper inspection is important. Use antifreeze solutions and microorganism additives for the protection of your septic system. For professional help in cleaning your septic system, call Capital Plumbing. We provide solutions for all winter plumbing problems and have experienced staff for septic system maintenance and cleaning. From pumping out the sewage to the insulation of the septic system, we will provide services for all your plumbing and heating requirements.