Is your brand-new water heater not what you expected, and are you experiencing buyer’s remorse? There’s a reason why you might be feeling that, and to help you clear your doubt, here are 5 signs you might have picked the wrong water heater.

1) Water Isn’t Hot Enough

One of the most common problems people face when they choose the wrong water heater is inadequate water heating or inconsistent water temperatures. This is a sign that your hot water demands exceed the heater’s capacity.

2) Water Flow Has Reduced

Usually, when you have been using your water heater for years, you may notice a gradual decrease in the water pressure due to sediment buildup that occurs with time. However, if your new water heater has affected your home’s water pressure, it is a sign that you have chosen the wrong water heater. Again, the water heater may not be the right size for your home.

3) Water Heater Makes Weird Noises

Car engines start making many weird noises when they are under heavy load, for instance, if you are driving the car fast or pulling something heavy in tow. But car engines aren’t the only machines that make noises under load; your water heater also makes weird noises when under heavy load.

In other words, if your new water heater is making a lot of noise, like buzzing or creaking, it may not be able to handle your home’s water load.

4) Your Energy Bills Have Gone Up

Speaking of energy bills, did you know that modern water heaters are up to 60% more efficient than older heaters? So, if you have noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills after installing the new water heater, you may have chosen the wrong unit. There are several reasons why it might be consuming so much energy; it could have a low energy rating, it could be overworking, or it could simply be low quality.

5) Water Heater Keeps Breaking Down

Along with being energy efficient, modern heaters are much more reliable, too. They don’t break down as often and don’t require frequent maintenance like the older ones. But if your new water heater is giving issues within the first few months, it may be defective or of low quality.

What Can You Do?

If you have chosen the wrong water heater, you should first try to return it to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have clauses that allow you to return the appliances before a specific timeframe. You could also try claiming a warranty and getting a replacement if your water heater shows many problems.

If none of those work, don’t worry, get in touch with Capital Plumbing a call. We can help you find the best water heater in Edmonton that actually meets your needs and is energy-efficient and reliable. Give us a call now.