A report from CTV News Canada disclosed that a total of 1,838 boil water advisories are in effect across Canada. Varied circumstances have given officials in their respective communities cause to warn the public of the quality of water coming out of their taps. While the concerned bodies are trying to find a solution to restore clean, drinking water, residents of the affected communities, meanwhile, need to boil their tap water before it can be consumed.

Health-related organizations issue a boil water advisory when potable water is found to be potentially unfit for drinking. Such an advisory is in effect until the respective organization announces that it is lifted. During this time, residents must not use tap water for drinking, cooking, washing food items, making infant formulas, and brushing their teeth. Residents also need to take certain precautions for another water usage, such as washing hands and taking a bath.

Water Heaters

How does your Edmonton water heater play a role in this kind of situation? For consumption, water must be boiled to make it potable, once cooled. Water heaters can be tapped to help save time in boiling potable water as hot water boils faster than cold. The statement that “cold water boils faster” is a myth.

The hot water tanks in Edmonton homes usually need to be drained once the water advisory is lifted. You’ll need to empty the water pipes to get the safe, clean water pouring in again. To do this, you’ll have to turn the hot water tap on and keep it on until the water running from it turns cold. The aim is to get the stored water to drain from the heater so it can refill with safe water.

If the water heater has developed some problems, there will be leaks or pooled water along the tubes or under the tank. Also, you may be running the water more than necessary when the temperature control of the heater is not accurate. A defective thermostat can get your water hotter than the temperature that you’ve set. Thus, you may be letting the water run too long.

If you suspect anything wrong with the water heater, you should have it inspected by a professional heating service like Capital Plumbing and Heating, Ltd. With water heaters, prompt repair is crucial.