Your house in Edmonton, Canada, will surely see some chilly winters over the years. This makes having a furnace in your house an extreme necessity. If you are thinking of replacing your old furnace or buying it for the first time, here’s a furnace buying guide you can refer to.

Choose The Right Fuel Type

Gas is the only type of furnace recommended for you. While you may find furnaces that run on other fuel types such as oil and electric – these  are outdates furnaces and it’s best to avoid them.

What Stage Does a Furnace Use?

What stage of furnaces are you looking for? A single-stage heat offers a single flame or setting while a multistage heat offers two sizes. A modulating heat is dubbed as an accurate type of furnace offering a varied size of flame thus, producing enough heat to counter temperature outside your house.

Check for AFUE Rating

AFUE is an abbreviation for annual fuel utilization efficiency and it is expressed in percentages. In layman’s terms, it denotes the energy efficiency of any furnace you choose. Furnaces with a higher AFUE rating are usually the most efficient but more expensive. Thus, check for a combination of both a higher AFUE rating and a better price to find out which furnace fits best for your family. This is an imperative point in this furnace buying guide.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)

TOC refers to the purchase, installation, energy use, maintenance, and repair cost associated with owning a furnace. Some furnaces are cheaper but with lower efficiency, while some furnaces could be expensive but easy to install, and thus, it affects installation cost that could run in grand(s). Take the type of fuel and its prices and total energy expenditure into account to calculate the overall operating cost of a furnace.

Maintenance and repair are other components that require due diligence. Perhaps, buying a good-rated and trusted furnace could bring down maintenance and repair costs. However, professional advice is a must in calculating the average TOC.

Other Charges

Apart from the cost of the furnace and other components in TOC, other charges are worth considering. Setting up ductwork that will eventually transfer heat in your house, a chimney to dissipate gasses, and the vents required to dispel flue gases outside the home add up to the charges as well.

What Suits the Best?

Regardless of whether you have ample knowledge about which type of furnace you should go for or not, we will conclude this furnace buying guide with the note that you should hire an HVAC technician first. Capital Plumbing is a trusted service provider in Edmonton, Canada, that would help you ascertain the right type of furnace based on your current heating system, requirements, budget, and other factors giving a professional opinion.