The new year is here! Yes, holidays are just over and you have so much on your plate already, from packing away the home decor to maybe staying indoors because of the pandemic. Amidst all of this, you might not want to forget about the internal workings of your house, such as plumbing. Plumbing maintenance, if overlooked, can cause untimely technical problems, here’s a 2022 plumbing checklist for you.

1) Garbage Disposal

Your plumbing do’s and don’ts should definitely include a proper garbage disposal. Make sure you don’t put these food items in to preserve your disposal:

Meat bones

Expandable food

Oil, grease and fats

Fruit pits

Vegetable side dishes

Coffee grounds


Here’s a plumbing maintenance tip: Ensure you utilize your garbage disposal frequently to prevent any corrosion of its parts and make sure to put soft pieces of food through it.

2) Clogged Toilets

It is always good to prepare, especially toilets that are not frequently used. Always check for any toilet clogs so that it wouldn’t be an inconvenience. If you stumble upon such an issue, call a plumbing expert immediately.

3) Drainage Systems

The possibility of sinks, faucets or toilets succumbing to any leaks or drainage issues might be high if not maintained. Ensure that they are thoroughly checked. Additionally, your guest rooms might not be maintained. Hence, fix drainage or flushing issues concerning sinks or toilets.

4) Winter-Proof Pipes

The winter season might cause your pipes to freeze. Hence, add insulating them to your 2022 plumbing checklist. You can cover the outside faucets with a Styrofoam faucet and you can insulate your pipes in the unheated areas or crawl spaces. While we are on this topic, ensure that your pipes aren’t posing any corrosion or rusting signs, which might indicate leaks.

Now, if you are planing on travelling away from your home at anytime, these plumbing do’s and don’ts will come in handy:

Turn off water supply: This will prevent any outbursts or leakage while you are away.

Vacate your garbage disposal: This will make sure you don’t come back to any foul odors filling your kitchen.

Turn off the outside hose bib: It will prevent the pipes from freezing.

Check appliances: Watch out for appliances that consume water, like the fridge, and ensure they work properly before leaving.

So get started on your plumbing maintenance to avoid any last-minute plumbing issues in 2022. And if the issues need a plumbing service, call Capital Plumbing to fix any and every plumbing problem efficiently.