Capital Plumbing & Heating continues to recruit the best technicians in the plumbing and heating industry. At Capital, the focus is not only on finding the technicians with superior trade skills. Attitude and the willingness to train to remain on the leading edge of current technologies is equally important.

Trade skills are required for technician positions and a large amount of technical knowledge is expected. In house training complemented with 3rd party training courses and a commitment to support our apprentices in their completion of trade school training is important to us. Your support and enthusiasm for training will ensure the proper progression of your skills and enable you to provide customers with the advice they deserve.

Respect for customers and fellow employees are qualities that will be searched for during the hiring process and will be evaluated throughout your career with Capital Plumbing & Heating.

Please submit your resume if you would like to be considered to join our growing team. Positions are available in all of our office locations for the technicians who meet these expectations.

Root Intrusion in Drains

Support Staff

Office and administrative staff – We are committed to employing courteous and skillful office staff. Our commitment to customer service training will ensure that you have the proper tools to exceed customer expectations.

As we grow, positions will be available in all our office locations.

Emergency Leaks & Burst Pipes

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