Adding a water softener when replacing your water heater in Edmonton can help lower bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy use while extending the operating life of your household appliances.

With a population of just 30 million people, the largest user of power worldwide, and second only to the U.S. in greenhouse gas emissions, it would seem that Canada needs to put more effort into introducing eco-friendly initiatives. Yet there is much the average Canadian home and business owner can do to help reduce their carbon footprint and cut personal household and business energy bills at the same time.

Hard Water and Energy Costs

In Edmonton, hot water tanks alone can account for 20% of domestic energy use, second only to the use of home space heating, and this total can increase quite dramatically if the hot water tank is old. Additionally, the operation of anything with heating elements such as water heaters, kettles, washing machines or dishwashers will begin to see an increased operating cost when hard water is used. This is because the calcium from hard water begins to calcify around the heating element. This means that the heater will have to work harder for longer to produce water of the required temperature.

The inclusion of a quality inline water softener/filtration system when having your water heater replaced will help keep your water heater and other domestic appliances operating at peak efficiency for much longer. Should you live in an area where the water is not only hard but has a strong chlorine smell or a taste that prompts you to buy bottled drinking water, a good filter or combination filter/softener system may be the way to go. The chances are, working out how much you spend annually on bottled water alone will amaze you.

Updating Water Heaters

When considering updating your water heater for a more energy-efficient model, have a word with your local Edmonton plumbing company and discuss the inclusion of a water softener/filtration system. Companies such as Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. have years of experience in fitting water softeners.

For many residents in Edmonton, hot water tanks contribute to a large proportion of their annual energy bill. Contact a local plumbing firm today. After discussing your requirements, and surveying your appliances and pipe work, they will be able to recommend not only the most cost-effective form of water heating but also the type of softener/filtration system best suited to your needs, ensuring your energy bills stay lower for longer.