Understanding these things can help you make an informed decision before using expert furnace installation in Edmonton.

If you are seeking to install a furnace using an Edmonton furnace service, you may well already know that there are several different types of furnace fuel. Below, you will find a guide to the different furnace fuel options that are out there and their various pros and cons.


1. Natural Gas Furnaces

These types of furnace heat up very quickly – indeed, almost instantaneously – and they use looped pipes filled with water to heat up your home via radiators. Natural gas is a relatively inexpensive fuel, though it is a fossil fuel associated with a higher carbon footprint for your home.

The 3 primary types of gas furnaces from which you can choose are single-stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces, and modulating furnaces.

2. Oil Furnaces

Oil is an energy-efficient fuel, offering more energy per unit than most other types of fuel. Oil can be one of the most expensive furnace fuels, however, and another issue that many people have with using oil in their domestic furnaces is that it substantially increases their carbon emissions. Light diesel oil is often recommended as a good fuel for use in domestic boilers.

3. Wood 

An old-fashioned wood furnace is relatively inexpensive to run, especially if you live close to a source of firewood. Choose wood from sustainable sources wherever possible. Wood is often considered a ‘dirty’ (soot-producing) and not entirely energy-efficient fuel, however, if it works for your home, then have this type of furnace installed.

4. Coal Furnaces

Easy to use, though relatively ‘dirty’ and high in carbon emissions, coal is another common fuel that is used in domestic furnaces across the world. Some furnaces are built especially with coal in mind, though they can be adapted for use with other fuels.

5. Renewables

One option that you might like to think about for your home furnace is renewable or eco-friendly fuel. In fact, many oil and gas-burning furnaces are so designed that they are easily adaptable for use with renewable fuels. If you want to get an eco-friendly furnace fitted, then make sure to call in a local professional who will be able to advise you.

Biomass and biodiesel are currently two of the most popular cleaner and greener types of domestic furnace fuel on the market.