Plumbing leaks are some of the most common reasons to call professional plumbers. You should know that there are different types of leaks and their severities vary. If you can recognize the type of leak that is affecting your kitchen pipes or bathroom drainage, then it will be easy to set an appointment with Edmonton plumbers to provide the necessary repairs.

It will even save time when a plumber already knows where to start looking. Here are a few plumbing leak types to watch out for.

Water Supply Leaks

A gusher leak occurs in the water supply piping. It usually results from burst pipes, separation of pipes at a solder joint, or splitting or cutting of a pipe. With a gusher, water will leak very quickly. Such a leak is easy to notice because it will cause flooding in a matter of minutes and the sound produced is unmistakable as well.

You can tell a gusher leaks as soon as you turn on the water supply. Spruce Grove plumbers can provide repairs or replacements in worst-case scenarios.

Professional Plumbers
Another leak you can find in the water supply pipes is a drip/pinhole. These leaks are very slow and may go unnoticed for a long time. Causes include loose threaded fitting, pinholes from pipe corrosion, worn-out valves, and nail piercings on pipes.

Drain Leaks

Leaks in the drain piping can be particularly so hard to notice you may only see them when the situation gets really bad. A drain pipe will only display a leak when wastewater is passing through it. If the drain pipes are in plain sight like in the basement, then such leaks wouldn’t be hard to spot. One way to tell drain leaks is through stained or molding on walls and ceilings.

Sink strainer leaks can occur in cases of poorly installed sink drains. Corrosion, loose parts, and missing gaskets are just some of the causes of sink basin leaks.

Fixture Leaks

Sometimes, the water supply or drain pipes may not be the problem. Cracks in fixtures such as toilet tanks can be the cause of fixture leaks. Faucets in laundry sinks, bathtubs, or showers can also result in fixture leaks. Experienced plumbers such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. can assess the severity of the problem, fix leaking fixtures, and provide replacement faucets.