A malfunctioning furnace in your home can be a source of endless frustrations. Some issues with your heating system may be easy for you to troubleshoot and even fix, but some need expert services. The number of Edmonton heating will come in handy when the need arises. A furnace not blowing air is one of the problems that you may face.

Role of a Blower

It is vital to understand the functions of furnace blowers for you to know the impact of faulty ones. A blower motor blows cold air over heated coils and into the air ducts. Without the blower fan, it would not be possible for air to flow over heated coils, meaning no heating in your home. It is essential to learn about the various problems that may come up with a furnace blower fan.


When the system is not blowing air, the very first thing to do is check the thermostat. In some instances, the thermostat may be the reason that the fan did not come on, and you didn’t notice. Before calling services for Edmonton heating, ensure the thermostat is set right. For proper heating, the thermostat should be 5 degrees higher than room temperature. If you correct the setting and the fan still does not come on, then that would be the time to worry.

The Voltage

Another problem that may be causing the blower fans to malfunction is a voltage problem. Tripped switches in the system could prevent the blower fans from starting. Typical connection problems are with the circuit breakers, so check to see that yours is on. If there are wiring or electrical problems with the furnace, you need to call a Stony Plain heating expert to take a look.

Blower Assembly Belt

A furnace not blowing air may also result from a problem with the blower assembly drive belt. A broken belt won’t spin, and if it’s too low, the blower won’t turn. The blower belt has to be tight enough to turn the pulley that pulls the motor. Usually, manufacturers recommend how tight the belt should be but if not, an expert can help fix it. Wear and tear on the belt will lead to weakness, which will affect the blower fans.

Stony Plain and Edmonton residents know that they can rely on HVAC experts like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to handle their furnace problems with a high level of professionalism.