Nobody wants their appliances to break down, especially one that experiences frequent use such as a refrigerator. Unfortunately, the time will come when your refrigerator will eventually give you problems. If you’re lucky, you can easily fix the problem all by yourself. If you have a leaking refrigerator, here are four quick fix tips that Edmonton plumbing companies recommend that you do:

Replace the filter

Sometimes, all it takes to fix a leaking fridge is to install a new filter. If you’ve been using your filter for a while, chances are the material has become too weak to do its job properly or got clogged up over time. Remove your refrigerator filter with you when you buy a new one so you’ll know the exact type and dimensions you need. You can find the instructions for this task in your refrigerator owner’s manual.

Check you defrost drain

Just like the filter, a defrost drain can get clogged over time. This is usually located on the ceiling between the freezer and fridge. Inspect to see what’s clogging the defrost drain. If it’s ice, simply pour hot water onto the drain to melt it. If it’s food, use a slim object such as a sturdy wire to push the debris out of the hole.

Check your drain pan

A damaged or cracked drain pan won’t be able to hold water properly, which could be causing your leakage. Pull your drain pan out and inspect it for signs of damage. If you see any cracks, you can use an industrial adhesive to fix it, or you can simply replace the pan entirely. Contact your manufacturer’s customer service center to order a replacement part.

Check your ice maker

If water starts to puddle underneath your fridge, something may be wrong with its ice maker. Simply shut off the plumbing fixture that feeds water to this valve. This is usually located under the sink or in the basement area directly beneath the fridge.

If all these basic fixes fail to work, or if you’re unable to identify what’s causing the leakage, you can contact professional Edmonton drain cleaners such as Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. to learn how to proceed.