Water is a precious commodity that many households take for granted. Whenever you open a spigot in your home, you expect water to flow out at a certain speed—and oftentimes, it does as expected. However, when water starts to trickle or surge, that’s an indication that something’s not right with the pressure, and something needs to be done.

If the pressure is too strong, it could cause leaks. Too weak and you might not have enough to rinse the soap away when you bathe. Your plumbing contractors Edmonton share with you some info to help you understand water pressure and how you can tackle problems associated with it.

Why does water pressure vary?

Pressure can vary at different times of the day and depending on your location, you may find that you have lower or poor pressure during mornings and early evenings when the demand for water in the community is high. That said, there are other causes of fluctuating water pressure depending on the plumbing system that you have.

For instance, if you have a whole house water filter, a clog in the filter can result in low water pressure. Likewise, if you have a pressure tank, a leak in the tank assembly could mean no water at all.

What happens when water pressure is too weak?

Low water pressure can mean it takes longer for you to complete certain chores because you have to wait for your water container to fill up. Low water pressure becomes more obvious when two spigots are turned on simultaneously.

Water pressure may be adequate when using only one fixture, but if pressure is sufficient, you shouldn’t observe a clear drop in pressure when a second fixture is turned on.

What happens when the water pressure is too strong?

You may think that high water pressure is a good thing, but if uncontrolled, it has the potential to cause leaks, pipe damage, and flooding, not to mention gallons upon gallons of wasted water. Problems caused by high water pressure are not only annoying to resolve but expensive, as well.

How do I address water pressure problems?

Many water pressure issues can be solved by checking the home plumbing system for problems. If the problem persists, a call to the water supplier may be in order. Unfortunately, a call to the water authority often doesn’t get you very far. You may find that contact the best plumbing services in Edmonton, Alberta is the ideal way to tackle the problem.