Imagine waking up and going to your washroom only to find a clogged or flooded toilet. What a gross start to the morning! Nobody would want to start their day like this. But what if this imagination becomes reality? You must at least know the causes of this issue so that you can call your plumber in time. You may have a clogged toilet.

1) If You Have an Old Toilet

If you live in an old house, and your toilet was manufactured in the mid-1990s, you will face this issue often. This first-generation, low-flow toilet often clogs as lacks the necessary pressure to clear the waste and drain. This old toilet may also have design and installation issues like the width of the opening or throat of the toilet drain, the angle of the bowl, and other details of the shape of the toilet can result in clogged toilets. Find out the date of your toilet by looking at the stamp behind it. If it’s too old and has been giving a lot of issues, consider replacing it.

2) If There’s Insufficient Water in the Tank

Sometimes, the problem is not with the toilet, but with the tank. If there’s a problem with the toilet’s incoming water supply line, the tank may not be filling up fully. You won’t get the right amount of water required to flush out the waste. And when waste isn’t flushed entirely, it gets accumulated and clogs the line. This is an undesired issue to deal with! If you have this issue in your toilet, check the water supply knob to ensure its open to the fullest. Otherwise, calling your plumber is the best solution.

3) If Something Got Trapped

We all know what toilets are actually meant for flushing. But some people ignore the fact of toilets and flush down anything they feel like. These things eventually clog the toilet, and you’ll see that even water alone can’t pass through. That’s when you’ll have to call your plumber and perform a thorough toilet cleaning. Things like small toys, comb, hair, feminine hygiene products, and garbage things are the primary culprits. Make sure you keep these things and other large, hard products away from your toilet.

4) If You Use Random Toilet Paper

Toilet papers are meant to dissolve easily when it touches water. But not all brands dissolve properly, especially the cheap ones. These papers remain strong and stay as it is in the toilet drain. And when you use a lot of such toilet paper, you will eventually notice a clog in your toilet. The best way to avoid this clog is by using good and soft toilet paper and switching brands until you find the right one, and reducing the amount you flush out.

5) If You Have a Hard Water Supply

When you have a hard water supply from the main source, you will face the issue of a clogged toilet, even if your toilet isn’t too old. Hard water contains tough minerals like calcium and magnesium. Over time these minerals get deposited inside the toilet and especially inside the drain pipe. These mineral deposits narrow the passage of drain pipes and result in clogs. The only way to deal with this issue is by replacing your drain pipe and then installing a water softener to prevent future clogs.

You can always use a plunger or snake to unclog the toilet. But if it doesn’t work out, leaving the job to a licensed plumber is the best idea.