If you live in Canada, you know how important a fully functional furnace can be. You need to maintain your furnace with proper DIY tips and professional furnace services so that you don’t find yourself without heat one chilly morning. A furnace has three main components – the heat source, heat distribution system, and control system.

Part of understanding your furnace is understanding all the different parts and all the problems they might face in the near future. Due to the high consumption rate, a furnace might showcase a few problems which could be slack in your daily routine.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

If your furnace is exhibiting signs like uneven heating or odd noises, it’s sending out an SOS for maintenance. Address these signals promptly to ensure your heating system runs smoothly and keeps your space comfortably warm all season long.

1) Inadequate Heat

This is the most obvious sign that a furnace breakdown or failure is happening. If your furnace is producing no heat or only a low level of heat regardless of your thermostat settings, schedule repairs. Some of the most common causes of inadequate heat can be leaking ductwork that allows air to escape and faulty thermostats that do not correctly communicate with the furnace unit. If you suspect something more serious, please make sure you call a trained technician to diagnose the problem.

2) Gas Line Trouble

In a natural gas furnace, trouble in the gas line will stop the furnace from functioning at all. The pilot light won’t come on, nor will the gas jets. You may also notice a change in the pilot light color. The color change occurs when gases like carbon monoxide don’t dissipate as they should.

This issue can cause health problems for you and your family or even make your unit more combustible if not addressed. In this case, you must opt for immediate furnace services and get the issue resolved.

3) Noisy Furnace

No furnace is silent, but loud and persistent noises can indicate a serious problem. Pay attention to the sounds you hear and, if possible, describe them to your HVAC contractor when they inspect the system. Squealing and whistling noises may come from belt or fan issues while banging, or groaning can result from broken and loose internal components.

4) Broken Motor, Belts, and Bearing

These are mechanical troubles inside a furnace. The motor is responsible for running and function of fans that allow the heat transfer and equal distribution of heat. If the motor breaks, the bearing has too much load, or the fan belt breaks the whole furnace is in danger. Avoid this by opting for furnace services in time.

Whatever the cause of your heater’s breakdown, don’t try to fix it on your own. Like bulbs need electricians, pipes need plumbers, the furnace needs a technician. Give us a call whenever you have any issues with your furnace. We specialize in providing complete furnace services, right from repair to maintenance, whenever you need us.


You should keep an eye on your furnace’s condition to ensure a warm and comfortable home. If you observe any signs, such as unusual sounds or uneven heating, addressing them immediately is important.