After having an exciting time on vacation, the last thing we ever want to come home to is a plumbing disaster. Leaving home for a few days leads to several plumbing issues, from clogged pipes to stinky drains. 

If you find any such issue after returning home, call Capital Plumbing and Heating Edmonton to fix the problems. Prepping your plumbing before leaving for vacations would be a great help. Here are a few tips to prevent plumbing issues before they happen.

Clean Traps & Drains

As no water will be going to run through your pipes for several days, any clog or leftover moisture can lead to an unpleasant odor. So clean your sink trap and drain before your departure.

Inspect Pipes & Appliances

Inspect every pipe, appliance, and fixture before leaving your home. A leaky pipe while you are away can lead to a flooded floor, damaging every part of your home. Therefore, don’t leave any part of your home unchecked. If you find any plumbing issues during your inspection, contact a local plumber to fix the problem.

Switch Off the Main Valve

It is always wise to turn off the main valve to keep your home safe in case of plumbing emergencies. The valve is mostly located near the main water supply. Therefore, you should know where your shut-off valve is located.

Disconnect Hoses & Outdoor Faucets

Drain all the hoses in your yard and disconnect them from the outdoor faucets of your home. Moreover, make sure your faucet doesn’t leak after you put them off to avoid post-vacation plumbing havoc. 

Have a Neighbor Check In

To avoid any plumbing nightmare, ask your neighbor or someone you trust to check in on your home periodically while you’re away. This will give you peace of mind during your excursion and avoid any plumbing issues after getting home.

Take Away

Don’t let any plumbing issue ruin your vacation. By following these simple preventive tips, you won’t encounter any plumbing issues while you’re away. Let a Capital Plumbing expert visit your home to take all plumbing issues out of your way.