Snuggling up in a warm blanket with a mug of hot chocolate, and watching Harry Potter, is the winter dream. But not if you are shivering from the lack of heat in the house. No matter how many layers of clothing you put on, cold spots are a menace that no one looks forward to in the Canadian winter. Capital Plumbing and Heating experts have compiled the perfect solutions to rid you of this inconvenience. 

Check for Blocked Vents

Move the furniture around and look for any heating vents that may have been blocked. The constructed airflow does not regulate the temperature, causing your room to get super chilly.

Make sure that these vents are open and there is nothing in their way. Get a local plumber to install a zoning system.

Clean the Air Filters

Dusty air filters might be the culprit of airflow issues. The dirt causes a reduced airflow and strains the equipment, resulting in slow, prolonged heating.

Give your filters a proper dust down, or get a plumber in Edmonton to do the dirty work.

Get Proper Insulation

If your home is not properly insulated, all the winterization will prove to be fruitless. Different areas in your home will have difficulty retaining heat, causing cold spots.

Get the best services for plumbing in Edmonton to check on the insulations in the walls, or install them for you.

Get an Upgrade

The thermostat might be acting up due to improper placement, different settings, or just being old. Check if your thermostat is placed in a warm spot, shutting off before the house heats up, or upgrade to a portable thermostat that you can mount in colder areas.

Get professional service providers for HVAC in Edmonton to inspect or replace the thermostat properly.

Other Reasons

The cold spots can also be caused by an outdated heating system, uninsulated ducts, leaks in the ducts, undersized heating systems, or a fluctuating fireplace. In any case, the professionals from Capital Plumbing and Heating will properly winterize your home so you can enjoy this time of the year with your family.