When the temperature starts to decrease outside, you should start taking measures to protect your pipes from freezing. Freezing pipes can create a lot of serious problems in your house that you may have to face. This problem can turn ugly afterwards. A freezing pipe can lead to burst pipes and flooding. Such problems can create a lot of mess for you. So follow the steps that we are enlisting down for your pipes to function without any plumbing repair.

There are two types of pipes that go through your home. One type is drainage pipes, and another one is the water supply pipe. Drain pipes are larger in width compared to supply pipes. Drain pipes are usually made of plastic. So you only need to take preventions for the supply pipes as they have a small width.

Turn on the Heat

If you are to leave your home for a vacation or any other reason for a long time, turn on the heat in the house. Heat in the house can help to prevent any bursting that can cause water damage to your home. You don’t need to keep the temperature as high as you keep when you are home. Above 50°F temperature will be enough to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Keep Interior Doors Open

Supply pipes are mostly located in the cabinet of the home. Pipes in the cabinet are more vulnerable to freezing as they are in constant contact with low temperature. So, keep the interior doors open. The heat will be able to pass in the cabinet and will keep the pipes warm. You should keep all the doors of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets open. It will let the heat pass throughout the house.

Fill Up Gaps and Holes

The supply pipes run through the wall or the floor. The holes from where the pipe flows, if there is any gap around it, seal it. It will prevent the cold air from passing through and will save the pipes from freezing. You can use various materials like caulk to seal the gaps. If it is doable, seal the gaps from both the interior and exterior side of the wall or floor.

Not giving supply pipes the proper attention may lead to severe damage for which you have to ask for plumbing repair. Follow the given tips to have functioning water pipes. For any drainage or plumbing repair, you can reach out to us for experiencing the best plumbing services in Edmonton.