As the warmer months of the year are now upon us, it is only natural that many families are looking forward to what may very well prove to be a much-needed holiday. Still, there are some plumbing concerns to take into account before any departure. Let us examine a hands-on checklist.

Water Heaters

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is failing to turn off their water heaters before they leave. There are two negative issues associated with this scenario. First, energy bills could vastly increase during the holiday. It is just as important to remember that if a problem occurs, there will be no one available to contact an emergency repair service. This may result in damage to the heater or even the property itself.

Turn Off the Mains Water Supply

It is absolutely essential to turn off the valve that connects the property to the main water supply. This will help minimize the effects of any leaks or even bursts that may occur while the home is not occupied. This task is simply a matter of locating the inlet pipe and manually closing the valve. Should you be uncertain where the mains water enters, it is best to contact a professional firm that offers the best plumbing in Edmonton, Alberta, and the surrounding areas, such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Check for Leaks

Small leaks can turn into big problems if they are not identified before a holiday. This is particularly pertinent if you plan on leaving for weeks at a time. So, be certain to check suspect locations. These include:
– Around the base of the water heater.
– Underneath kitchen sink and bathroom taps.
– The exterior of the home where spigots may be present.

Should any evidence of a leak be detected, it is wise to have a plumbing expert examine the situation well in advance of your intended departure. The last thing you would want is to come home to a flooded home. It’s not just draining the water that you will have to deal with, then, but also the consequent water damage.

These are some of the most effective ways to help ensure that a home is adequately prepared for an upcoming holiday. While many plumbing concerns may appear to be “behind the scenes”, it is still a fact that addressing the most important points will safeguard against any unforeseen (and costly) circumstances.