Problems with the plumbing in your home can be a source of endless headaches. Not only will it affect the degree of your living comfort, but it will also impact your finances severely. Damages can be quite expensive, especially when you are unable to prevent a minor problem from ballooning. To abate such a disaster, you must pay attention to your plumbing’s condition regularly.

Taking care of your plumbing poses the biggest challenge. Repeated bad habits stand to damage pipes more than any other cause. Homeowners may not even be aware of their detrimental habits. You may think that your normal routines are harmless, only to end up in a panic when the pipe suddenly bursts or the water in the toilet starts gushing over the rim of the bowl.

A simple clog can quickly turn into a nasty quagmire. To ensure that your Edmonton, Alberta home is equipped with the best plumbing system, start kicking some of the following nasty habits.

Pouring Coffee Grounds Down the Drain

Coffee grounds can be damaging to pipes because of the oils and greases they contain. These make the grounds stick together, collectively clogging the pipes. The same can happen when you throw them into the garbage disposal. The best way to rid of them is to throw them straight into the trash can.

Flushing Foreign Objects in the Toilet

Toilet paper is safe to flush because water dissolves it. However, large quantities all at once can still clog a toilet drain. Your never-flush list should include hygiene products, cat litter, and other non-biodegradable substances that induce a blockage. If any of these stick in the drain, the water in the toilet may overflow, creating a nasty mess.

Not Clearing the Drain of Hair

There are many sources for clogs in the plumbing, but hair is one of the leading culprits. The strands may collect over time to completely clog a drain. It’s best to utilize a hair trap to avoid such a problem.

Using Cleaning Chemicals

Drain cleaners are only temporary fix. Pouring it into the sink or the tub will clear a clogged drain, but there is a high chance that the problem will recur. More worrisome are such cleaners’ residuals. These decloggers contain hydrochloric acid which can disintegrate the pipes as well as kitchen and bathroom finishes. If you can’t purge the blockage manually, it’s best to call a professional rather than relying on chemical-laden decloggers.

Many are guilty of these habits. However, you can become cognizant of your bad practices and kick them. In case any of your habits have already caused damage to your plumbing, call a professional for help and make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes.