Hot water is a luxury everyone should get to enjoy, and something that requires getting dependable Edmonton hot water tanks. Whether it is to replace an old one or to install a new unit, prospective buyers should know what they are actually buying first. To make the right choice, they have to select from several types on the market.

The first type is the storage tank heater. This is the traditional type that is often found in the market and is widely used in homes. A FortisBC article describes how to tank heaters work:


“Storage tank water heaters heat water in an insulated cylinders that range in size from 114 to 283 litres (30 to 75 gallons) of water – the average Canadian home uses 227 to 277 litres (60 to 73 gallons) of hot water per day.

A typical tank is steel lined with glass. Some high-end models are lined with stainless steel, and are a good choice if you have acidic water or high mineral content.

Suspended in the tank are anodes – magnesium or aluminum rods formed around a steel core wire to prevent corrosion. The specific materials used, and the number of anodes, often affects the warranty.”

There are also high-efficiency tank heater models that are 40 percent more efficient than standard models and sport additional features like better insulation and electronic ignition.

The second type available is the tankless water heater. They are usually suitcase-sized units that heat water either via an electric heating coil or a natural gas burner. The water passes through the heater and is immediately warmed, needing no tank to keep it in. However, they need to heat up a bit before they start functioning, plus, they can have a high initial price tag.

The third type that is available on the market is hybrid heaters. These use a heat pump to extract heat from the air to warm the water in their tanks. The pump uses less energy than standard types but requires a large amount of space to be installed. They also happen to be noisier and can reduce your heating during cold months

The final type is considered to be the most environmentally friendly – a solar heater. Roof-mounted collectors absorb the heat and transfer it down to the water tank via an antifreeze-like fluid. This is great for summer days, but winter can put a damper on its functioning.

Whatever type you buy, installing a water heater in Edmonton will require the help of professional plumbers like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. It would be best to consult with them on which type would be best for your home.