A quality water heater in Edmonton can last years without having any problems; however, this is not to say that it wouldn’t need regular maintenance and checks. The reliable life expectancy for water heaters is usually connected to their in-service age, wherein service life is calculated based on the heater’s manufacture date.

One of the concerns is when the hot water tank would need replacement. A telltale sign that the hot water tank is on the verge of needing replacement is if it is showing signs of leakage. When it comes to these tanks, leaks are often non-repairable and replacement is the only option.

The water heater should be inspected once every two months. The tank should be checked for water leaks or signs of leaks so that action can be taken right away before things get worse. The temperature must be tested, as well as the pressure relief valve to ensure that it freely opens and closes. A few times a year, about a quarter of the tank must be drained to remove any sediment or debris inside.

The anode rod must be removed and inspected at least once every year, and if large portions of the metal coating are missing, then this would mean that it should be replaced. Water heaters with tanks have been an industry standard for decades and are favored by some for many reasons.

These tanks maintain hot water temperature better and have smaller gas and power requirements than most available on the market. It easily adapts to both re-circulation applications and solar pre-heat applications. When it comes to installation, it can be installed almost anywhere on the property and won’t take very long.

Doing regular maintenance on your water heater would ensure that it functions properly for a long time and you can avoid replacements, which could cost more than the repairs. The hot water tank, temperature gauge, pressure relief valve, and anode rod should be checked for any existing problems or potential issues. There are companies such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. that specialize in a range of Edmonton hot water tanks and can perform a thorough inspection and carry out any maintenance tasks if needed.

Having hot water in the house is great, so homeowners wouldn’t want their heater to malfunction when it’s most needed. Maintenance checks won’t take a lot of time and they could make a big and positive difference to the water heater’s life expectancy.