Drain blockages are common occurrences caused by the buildup of grease, hair, dirt, and debris. Whilst many Edmonton homeowners consider hiring plumbing companies to be an expensive affair and opt to solve the problem themselves, this usually leads to more serious problems in the future and more often than not, fails to keep blockages at bay. By using the latest equipment and boasting years of experience when it comes to drain cleaning, professional plumbers are the way to go.

It doesn’t seem that long ago when a blocked drain would require a great deal of digging and a substantial amount of mess. However, recent technological advancements in the plumbing industry have put an end to the hours of labor that plumbers have had to suffer to clear and repair drains and sewer lines.

Fibre Optic Cameras

One such advancement is the use of fiber optic cameras to locate blockages. In many cases, blockages occur too far down the pipeline for DIY methods to have any effect. By inserting a camera fixed to a long flexible cable into a drain, blockages can be located easily and quickly. As there is no guesswork involved, this can save homeowners a great deal of hassle and more importantly, significant amounts of money.

High-Pressure Water Jets

Removing clogs and blockages during drain cleaning may very well temporarily solve the drainage problem at hand, but by using high-pressure water jets, professional plumbers like Capital  Plumbing & Heating Ltd. cannot only remove the most stubborn blockages but can also clean drains and pipes so well that they’re left completely grime-free. For homeowners, this means fewer expenses in the future, and for plumbers, this means that drain maintenance is far easier to carry out.

Electronic Locators

To locate drainage problems in hard-to-reach places from above-ground positions, sensitive electronic locators are now being used. These little gadgets are great when excavation is required to reach blockages located underground and avoid the hassle of having to dig unnecessarily. The locator is simply attached to a camera on the end of a flexible cable and inserted in the drainage system. The display will show changes in direction and indicate the depth of the blockages found for plumbers to then know exactly where to excavate to remove the blockage and carry out any repairs.