Unresolved plumbing problems tend to be the most repulsive malfunctions in a home. They can make a stinky, unsightly mess. Beyond this, they can wreak severe damage to your home and property. Though plumbing snafus can usually be fixed by calling a skilled plumber who can examine the entire system, some problems are easily preventable if you follow some of these tips that reputable plumbers generously share.

Get a Water Softening System

While the government of Edmonton ensures that all its residents get the highest quality of water, it still helps to hire a plumber to install a water-softening system for good measure. Hard water contains minerals that tend to erode your piping system from the inside out. This, in turn, causes your pipes to break down and leak.

Avoid Using Strong Cleaning Agents

Nobody likes a clogged drain. It is unhygienic when it causes wastewater to back up and overflow. Nothing is worse than when a house becomes flooded with foul water, except for perhaps the bill. It will cost plenty to sanitize the house as well as fix the plumbing.

The thought of foul water filling a home can lead homeowners to use the strongest drain cleaner they can find to guarantee that absolutely nothing clogs their drains. However, strong chemical cleaners tend to destroy more than the source of the clog. They also erode your pipes until they completely deteriorate and break. In the long run, these strong drain cleaners will lead to extensive expense on pipe replacements.

Therefore, it is much better to either use an eco-friendly drain cleaner or hire a plumber to completely remove the waste clogging your drain. To prevent such blockage, plumbers advise the installation of grease traps and drain screens to prevent solids from entering the drain system.

Mind the Pressure

Did you know that turning the shower or faucet on to their maximum pressure puts enough undue stress on your pipes to make them leak and need replacement? Strong water pressure can make your entire plumbing system work twice as hard, effectively reducing your pipe’s life in half.  Just as with everything else, moderation is the key to making your pipes last a long time. Just apply enough pressure for the water to flow freely.

You must also be mindful of the subtle signs and changes in your plumbing system to avoid expensive repairs and replacements down the road. As the old saying goes, prevention is much better than cure. By doing your part, you can avoid draining your savings on a faulty or leaky pipe.