Homeowners would once in a while experience clogged kitchen sinks, and clogged sinks are not a pretty sight. Even sinks with garbage disposals can get clogged at times. This occurrence can be avoided by making sure certain items do not go down the sink. Then again, if it comes to a point where the sink just cannot be unclogged through DIY or traditional means, then professionals from established plumbing companies in Edmonton can help.

One of the culprits in clogged kitchen sinks is grease. While grease starts in liquid form, it eventually hardens when it cools in the drain lines, so it is recommended to dump kitchen grease in other places such as containers, and then dispose of them in the trash. Other common causes of clogs are rice, pasta, beans, and potatoes.

Of all of them, rice or grains may be among the top culprits since people would usually clean them by the sink and some grains would go down the drain unnoticed. The same goes for pasta, coffee grounds, and eggshells.

A good way to help prevent clogging in the sink is to run hot water after each use. This would make food and oils run down the drain instead of building up. Also, when cleaning, it is normal to make use of chemicals to clear clogged drains; however, this can sometimes cause more problems than solve them.

The chemicals have the potential to corrode drainpipes and repeated use would eventually wear out the pipes and cause other problems such as leaks. This is why it would serve you well to work with plumbing companies that utilize eco-friendly drain-cleaning solutions. Finally, another useful trick is to make use of strainers, which would prevent large food particles and debris from entering the drain.

Clogged kitchen drains are a bother since they render the sink pretty much useless until the time it is unclogged. Being aware of what goes down the sink is key to making sure that there are fewer occurrences of clogs. Grease, vegetable peels, grains, and other large scraps go straight to the trash and not down the sink.

If a clogged sink drain is giving you a hard time and is resistant to your DIY efforts, then it is time to hire experienced Edmonton drain cleaners such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. They can take care of the job for you and make sure the drain is fully flushed out.