A water heating element is an extremely important component when hot water is desired. In the simplest of terms, this device uses electricity to heat up specific components. This thermal production is then transferred to the surrounding water. Different elements will offer specific amounts of heat. This is measured by the wattage produced.

Ruling Out Other Problems

Before we be looking at the signs of a problem with the element, it is important to make certain that other issues are not to blame. So, it is critical that any water heater in Edmonton be examined by a trained professional. This can save time and a great deal of money.

Heaters can be complicated machines and as there are a considerable number of parts, the element may not always be causing the issue. Some other reasons why no hot water is available could be a power fault, poor insulation or a problem with the flow of water from the unit to the tap itself. Assuming that all of these possibilities have been ruled out, what is next?

Symptoms that a Heating Element Needs to be Replaced

Edmonton hot water tank experts will check for several signs that the element has gone bad. Some hints can include:

No hot water is available.
The heating process is extremely slow.
The supply of hot water runs out after only a few minutes.
Assuming that one or more of these issues are present, the chances are high that the element is the source of the problem.

Do-it-Yourself Replacement?

While some sources claim that replacing a heating element can be considered a do-it-yourself task, it is always best to hire a professional. For example, you may void the warranty associated with a newer unit. Or, home enthusiasts could purchase the wrong part.

As this device is electrically powered, the dangers of a shock are also very real. It is therefore a good idea to contact an Edmonton specialist at the first sign of trouble. He or she will be able to quickly determine the issue and if needs be, the element can be replaced in no time at all.