Plumbing problems are plenty and could happen at any time. The frequency of these issues will depend on various factors such as the age of the building and the maintenance of the system. It helps to educate yourself about the potential issues that could arise with your plumbing. With the right knowledge, you will know when to call in the best plumbing professionals in Edmonton, Alberta.

Causes of Leakages

Leaking pipes can lead to extensive water loss. Depending on where the leak is, there may also be some environmental hazards present. Before you call in Edmonton plumbing professionals, it helps to know what causes leaking pipes.

Old Pipes

One reason the pipes in your house may be leaking is that they are too old. If your house is aged and the fixtures have never been changed, then they may be too worn out. Pipes that have been in operation for a long time will accumulate rust and may crack. Sometimes, those cracks may be too small for you to notice but the situation may get bad very fast.

Faulty Plumbing

You may have an issue with leaking pipes because the plumbing is faulty. If the initial installation work was not right, then pipes may start leaking after a while. For instance, if there are joints that did not get proper bonding, they may leak water after continued usage. If you suspect faulty plumbing, then you can call in a professional to fix it.


Low temperatures are not favorable to water pipes. In the cold season, you can expect your plumbing to have problems. When temperatures fall below freezing, they will cause frosting and ice formations because of water pressure. Frozen pipes can get cracks easily, which causes leaks. The running of cold and hot water through the pipes will cause expansion and contraction, which may also affect the status of the pipes.


Another cause of leaking pipes is corrosion, which may be a result of water chemistry, the presence of oxygen in the water, or water temperature. Corroded pipes need replacement because they can lead to substantial water loss.
Comprehending the different causes of leaking pipes will get you ready. To take advantage of plumbing services, you have to know where the problem lies. A professional will help you fix any issue that may be causing leaking pipes.