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Boilers aren’t a very popular heat source anymore, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still studying about how to take care of them. For clients who live in older homes and like the reliability and longevity of boilers, finding a company who still performs boiler service and repair might be a concern. But our Team is trained to handle any problem that you may have with your boiler.

We Service All Types

Boilers aren’t very difficult to repair as long as they’ve been maintained properly. We provide boiler service and repair for all types of boilers including bark, coal, biomass, and gas. If you have a boiler that you would like to update or start using again, we have trained professionals who will be honest with you about the condition of the boiler in its current state and how long it may take to get the boiler working again.

Yearly Maintenance

Like most other things, the way to make sure that a boiler lasts for a long time with excellent efficiency is to perform regular maintenance. Maintaining a boiler is really very simple. Most boilers only need a good cleaning occasionally and some oil in the pump. When a client schedules a boiler maintenance appointment with us, one of our Team shows up to the appointment in a truck with 1000s of parts, in the “Warehouse on Wheels ™”, prepared to handle anything. The majority of the time, a boiler just needs to be cleaned, but if our trained technician notices that any of the parts on your boiler need to be replaced, they will let you know and be able to replace the part immediately.

Residents of Edmonton AB, who are looking for a company that approaches boiler service and repair in an intelligent and realistic way, can rely on Capital Plumbing & Heating’s Edmonton Team to produce results quickly and efficiently.

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