Leaking Pipes

Do you hear the sound of water constantly dripping from your pipes or faucets? This is a tell-tale sign that you have a leaking pipe. Do not let this sound annoy you for too long and get our plumbing experts out to resolve the leak.

A dripping faucet or leaking pipe is more than a nuisance in your home, it can be a serious plumbing issue. This can lead to the waste of hundreds of gallons of water, and it is a major loss of resources. Leaks can also result in lower water pressure. Because of the dangers of a leaking pipe, you should resolve this issue quickly with the help of our experienced technicians.
Do you have a leaking pipe?
  • You hear water dripping.
  • You notice brown stains on walls and ceilings.
  • You smell unpleasant odors.
  • You notice unusually high water bills.
  • You spot mold or mildew growth.
When water is left pooling in areas of your home, you can suffer from other forms of damage unrelated to your plumbing system. This can destroy the materials of your home, degrade the appearance of your walls and ceilings, and cause stubborn stains.

Dangers of Excess Moisture in Your Home

  • A musty odour in the room with leaks
  • Discolouration of walls when concealed pipes leak
  • Mould and mildew formation on walls and flooring
  • Sagging of walls and ceiling
  • Water pooling near the leaks
  • Basement leaks and flooding
When you notice leaking pipes in your home, you may be quick to blame yourself. Don’t go down this path. Plumbing systems can fail over time, and this can cause a range of issues. While preventative measures can be taken to mitigate damages from being severe and widespread.

Common Causes of Leaking Pipes

  • Most commonly, holes and cracks in plumbing pipes
  • Corrosion and rusting that leads to holes and cracks
  • Fluctuating temperatures leading to cracks
  • Loose pipe joints
  • Excess water pressure
  • Improper fall finishing that can poke and puncture concealed pipes
  • Tree roots intruding drainage pipes and leading to water flow problems

No matter where, and no matter when your leaking pipes arise, you can trust Capital Plumbing & Heating with the repairs. We provide honest repair, replacement, and maintenance services to meet all the needs of our plumbing customers. From our upfront pricing guide to our updated and innovative techniques, we strive to prove that we are nuts about our customers!

If you need to repair your leaking pipes, contact the professionals at Capital Plumbing & Heating for your free quote today!

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