Usually, there are minor clogs in your home’s drainage system that you could fix by yourself, but some clogs and significant issues are better when left in the hands of the plumbing services providing company. Companies providing plumbing services in Edmonton are technologically equipped to handle such significant problems that may occur in your toilets or sinks. Here are some warning signs to tell you that you need drain cleaning.

1. Frequent and Multiple Clogs

You should take the occurrence of frequent or multiple clogs as a major flag. Frequent clogs occurring daily, weekly or monthly is something you should look into, more like you should let the plumbing services to take care of it. Besides frequent, there could be multiple clogs at a time as well. For example, your toilet and sink both could be clogged simultaneously. This issue only directs to one major blockage in the central drain system. The plumbing experts will resolve this issue by deep cleaning the drains.  

2. Odours Spread Across the Home

There may be a persistent, foul odor spread around your house, but you have no idea what is the root cause of the smell. A drain is a place from where all the food and organic matter flush out, and this leftover residue can react to create a terrible stench. You cannot get it out with store-bought products, and thus, plumbers do a great job to make your house smell fresh again. 

3. Sewer Water Backup

A sewer backup will always leave evidence that occurred. Either the waste will still be standing around low drain points such as a floor drain or basement tub/shower or you’ll see the dirty mess left behind if the water has receded. As mentioned before, plumbing services have deep cleaning methods to keep the drain lines clear, clear and flowing.

4. Accumulation of Water 

Slow drains are another issue led by clogs. In case you have clogs in your drain lines or the central drain system, then one possible symptom is that the water will start getting accumulated in the toilets and sinks. This accumulation will not allow the water to drain out rapidly. You can fix a slow sink drain by yourself but in case this is a frequent issue, you should contact plumbing services.

5. Water Bubbling 

There could be chances that a clog in the drain line or the central system has caused water to bubble in the sink or showers when you flush the toilets. Water bubbling means that there is air blockage in the drain lines. This issue cannot be solved with home remedies. 

6. Pests, Mould, and Mildew 

A blocked drain is a home to pests, cockroaches, fruit flies, and infestations because they feed on food and organic waste. The creatures lay eggs that will lead to an infestation of the water lines and gradually spread diseases. When water is not able to flow through the drain lines due to a clog, the pipes will remain damp, possibly developing mold and mildew. They will emit a foul odor as well, which is how you can get to know them. 

You now know whether or not your house has clogs and infestations in your drain lines. You can still look out for these signs. Drain cleaning is beneficial to avoid all these signs so it is better to have periodic check-ups and contact a reputed plumbing services in Edmonton.