No matter how well you clean your bathroom walls and flooring and the beautiful lights you put up if your bathroom has plumbing issues, you are going to have difficult days. Some plumbing problems may be hidden and may require your attention as well as emergency plumbing services. Some of these issues include.

1) Slow Draining

Do you notice that water from your washbasin or bathtub drains at a very slow pace? If yes, then this may be serious. This issue can happen for several reasons. Your bathroom plumbing pipes’ diameter can be constricted due to the thickening of grime or corrosion. It can also happen that you have a blockage somewhere in your plumbing system. Call our plumbers to identify the right cause and address the issue in time.

2) Shaky Toilet

Your entire toilet can start to shake or wobble while you use it or even when you touch it by chance. The reason behind this issue could be a serious toilet plumbing issue. The bolts or flange could be loose or any caulking material may be old and need to be replaced. In extreme instances, there may be a crack in the toilet itself. If you have installed new flooring any of these may be possible or the toilet may now sit on an uneven surface. Ignoring this issue can lead to serious consequences such as leaking toilets when you use it (yuck!). This situation requires emergency plumbing services.

3) Less Water 

Do you only get trickles of water when you open your bathroom faucet or showerhead? If yes, then this can be due to a lot of reasons. You may have the issue of the low pressure or sediments clogging the holes of your faucet and showerhead. It may also be if your plumbing system has a leak that you can’t see. To find the right cause of this problem, you will have to call a professional providing emergency plumbing services as you can’t compromise with less water throughout your life.

4) Noisy Heater

Your water heater may start making gurgling sounds if it has sediments inside it. Every time you switch it on, those sediments will move around the body with water and produce knocking sounds. Ignoring this for a long time can lead to heater breakdown. Therefore, pay attention to this sign and get your water heater tested immediately.

5) Coloured Water

Dirty or colored water in your toilet, sink or shower almost always signals a plumbing issue that can’t be ignored. Reddish and brownish water may be when your iron and steel pipes are old and rusted. Likewise, you may receive bluish-green water if you have copper pipes. Ignoring corroded and old plumbing systems can be very disastrous as these pipes are prone to damage. So, don’t ignore these issues.

6) Mouldy Walls

When you see mold layers on your bathroom walls or the caulking and crevices, it can be a sign of excessive moisture. Moisture from your bathroom or an underlying leak behind the wall can make the walls and other surfaces damp and result in dirty-looking mold growths. Have someone check your ventilation fan and plumbing.

If you see any more issues related to your plumbing system or see something unusual happening suddenly inside your bathroom, call for emergency plumbing services, and don’t just ignore the signs of damage.