Winter warrants cosy indoor activities and small intimate gatherings. However, not everything always goes to plan. For instance, all hell breaks loose if any of the pipes in your plumbing system burst. It not only spews water everywhere but also blocks any hot water that you would have needed. This guide by Capital Plumbing will help you deal with such a pipe burst and dim down the ruckus it causes. After the burst has been located, you can: 

Use Rubber Pipe Connectors 

If the leak occurs somewhere in the corners or the middle of the piping, you can rely on rubber pipe connectors to fix it. This will allow you to close off the leak and return to using the water as you normally would. However, you must remember that temporary fixes don’t last for long, so it is better to get in touch with a plumber in Edmonton to provide a more permanent fix. 

Apply Pipe Clamps 

Pipe clamps are the easiest tool to fix any pipe leaks temporarily. They are easily available in local shops and can be used with a rubber patch to clamp up the leak. However, you must ensure that the main valve is shut off. The patch will not adhere to the surface if the water is constantly pouring in. Once the patch is in place, you need to hold it together with electrical tape and tighten it using the pipe clamp. As this is a detailed process, you can always seek help from a local plumber.

Epoxy Compounds 

Epoxy compounds comprise an adhesive chemical solution that enables them to seep into the pipe cracks and harden them. While you apply an epoxy compound, there must be no water in or around the pipe, so you must shut off the main valve. Once the compound has dried, you can start using the water regularly. 

In case of a pipe burst or any such emergency, you can call on the professional services of Capital Plumbing and Heating. They have a 24/7 helpline that will send an emergency plumber right your way.